Flatbed Diecutters

Product sheet
Technical details


Our Flatbed Diecutters are available in different versions.

  • Lead edge feeder for corrugated board up to 9 mm thickness
  • Lead edge feeder with extended feed section forlaminated board
  • Standard stripping station with upper and lower frame stripping frame
  • Lower additional stripping frame for pin stripping including pins
  • Batch delivery section as standard version
  • High pile delivery section for high pile stacking on platform up to 1700 mm height

General information

  • High quality transport chains made in Germany
  • High quality gripper bars with intermediate 0-register-system
  • Automatic chain lubrification system via PLC
  • Pneumatic chain tightener with pressure regulation and oil pressure shock absorbers at the free wheels
  • Limit of chain drive by means of overload clutch
  • Mechanical transmission drive in closed lubricated gearbox
  • Maintenance-free mechanical connections for auxiliary functions
  • Electrical and mechanical standard components from named manufacturers
  • Mitsubishi PLC control with 7” monochron touch screen monitor
  • Centerline II fastening system
  • Remote assistant system available

Lead Edge Feeder

  • Strong mechanical drive system connected to the main drive
  • Large vacuum suction area with wide Polyurethan feeding rolls
  • Strong adjustable vacuum blower via inverter with silencer and dust collector
  • Motorized format settings
  • Pneumatic side pusher
  • Extended feed version with additional integrated transport/alignment station
  • Front and side squaring of sheet sizes
  • Electronic sheet insertion control

Extended Lead Edge Feeder

  • Transport and alignment section between roll insert and flatbed die cutter
  • Single sheet transport from roll infeed into the punching machine
  • Sheet transport bottom via transport belts and top via transport, brush and Vulkolan pressure rollers
  • Upper rollers can be adjusted laterally as well as forwards and backwards
  • Manual raising and lowering of the upper roller frame for easy removal of format sheets
  • Single sheet alignment front and side
  • Independently laterally adjustable side aligners to align each individual format sheet

Diecut section

    • Diecut section made oft hick walled cast iron
    • Mechanical drive of platen tilt by means of pneumatic coupling / brake
    • Big sized toggle system and stabile main shaft
    • Closed high pressure lubrication system with automatic pressure control
    • Oil cooling unit for optimum lubrication at high speeds
    • Large opening of platen table to keep enough space for the gripper bar
    • Air cushion between counter diecut plate and platen table for easy in and out movement
    • Mechanical locking and pneumatic unlocking of die chase
    • through 6 pneumatic pistons

Stripping Station

  • Stable duplex stripping system
  • Upper and lower fixing frames for stripping tools
  • Maintenance-free drive for mechanical stripping movements
  • Special light, but stabile construction of upper stripping frame for high speed production
  • Fixing System for quick change of stripping tools
  • Upper stripping frame movable in height for easy access
  • Lower additional stripping system with frame and
  • Lower additional stripping frame for pin stripping including pins
  • Removing the edge of the gripper waste via conveyor belt side ways out the machine

CCMSWIFTCUT Batch/Deliver Section

  • Automatic non-stop batch change
  • Electronic stack counter
  • Bundle separation through driving of pneumatic cylinder on front and back bundle delivery
  • Motorised format set up sideways and in running direction
  • Mechanical side and rear squaring movement of side joggers, timed with machine speed
  • Mechanical driven sheet support device for multi outs, connected with machine speed
  • Lifting table driven on rolls for batch changes and batch transportation
  • Powered roller conveyor behind the lifting table for onward transportation of the stack
  • Optional high pile delivery provided for stacks until 
1700 mm stacking height