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CCMSWIFTJET Your added value

Product cycles have become shorter and shorter in the past. Your customers are increasingly turning to seasonal, regional or individualized designs? Flexibility is an important success factor here, and that‘s where digital printing comes in.

Digital printing is achieved using low-cost water-based paints, which have been specially produced for corrugated board materials. The print quality can be adjusted as needed from 
180 -1080 DPI. In comparison to flexographic printing, register variations are excluded.

They are able to flexibly create a pattern for your customers. By eliminating the need for costly printing clichés, this machine is particularly advantageous for large-format, multicolour corrugated board sheets that are to be printed in small or medium quantities.

CCMSWIFTJET General information

The feeder has manually laterally and height adjustable stops to ensure automatic feeding depending on the format. Vacuum-supported belts ensure a smooth feed of the material.

In addition, the machine automatically determines the corrugated board thickness to determine the optimum distance of the printheads to the material (Z-axis).

  • Manually side-adjustable side stops
  • Manual side and height-adjustable inlet tabs
  • Two rear height-adjustable support rollers
  • Automatic sheet tray up to 2000 mm sheet depth
  • Automatic sheet insertion from below via new vacuum suction belt
  • Width vacuum suction belt with high / low operation during sheet feeding
  • Wide guide plates between each suction belt for format support Manual sheet insertion at a depth
  • greater than 2000 mm
  • An upper and lower transport shaft in front of and behind the printheads
  • Automatic caliber setting of the transport shafts
  • Drive of the print head carriage (X-axis) and format transport (Y-axis) via servo drives
  • UV-ink available

CCMSWIFTJET Single-/Multipass

Whether high-speed and mass with class, or small quantities on large formats, our digital printers from Wonderjet offer what you need!

In the single pass range, we offer solutions from a print area
of ​​600 x 2400 mm up to 1808 x 2400 mm. With these solutions, you can reach production speed up to 2.2 m/s.


In order to achieve optimum printing results, the inks used were developed by the manufacturer especially for the print head and in coordination with the software and hardware.
In order not to affect the functionality of the printhead and the color system, no other color should be used. The function guarantee therefore only applies when original colors are used.

Software solution

Run the templates you receive from your customer as a PDF, TIF, PNG or JPG file (etc.) through our RIP software – the 
8 Epson print heads in your Swiftjet do the rest.

CCMSWIFTJET Technical specifications

    • Maximum format- /print width: 2500 mm
    • Maximum format- /print length with manual sheet feed max. 10 m
    • Minimum format- /print length: approx. 400 mm
    • Material thickness: 1.5 mm – 35 mm (up to max. 50 mm on request at extra charge)
    • Printhead type: EPSON DX5, Micro – Piezo high resolution (temperature controlled)
    • Number of print heads: 8
    • Colors: Water-based CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Suitable for the food industry
    • Automatic height adjustment of the pressure distance between heads and material
    • Print resolution at single print process: 360 dpi
    • Print resolution at double print process: 720 dpi
    • Print resolution at triple print process: 1080 dpi
    • Print resolution with double speed at single print process: 180 dpi
    • Printing speed: max. 440 sqm / hour at 180 dpi
      (less time for sheet insertion)
    • Ink drying time: immediately during the printing process
    • Spatial working temperature: 15° – 32° C
    • Spatial humidity: 20 – 70 %.
    • Operating system: Windows 7, 32 bit
    • Image conversion from: TIF, PNG, JPG, PSD, PDF, etc.
    • Printer interface: USB
    • Electronic equipment: incl. machines – and RIP software, excl. computers
    • Dimensions and weight:
      Length 3010 mm
      Width 4162 mm
      Height 1280 mm
      Weight 2,500 kg